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Season 1 Episode 0
A Step At A Time title card.jpeg
A Step At A Time (Babysmurfrocks Series)
Original Airdate November 19 2013
Previous Episode N/A
Next Episode Tommy's Second Birthday

A Step At A Time is a mini story that takes place in Babysmurfrocks series and before Tommy's Second Birthday.


One fine Summer afternoon the Rugrats were all playing tag in the yard, all except for Dil who couldn't walk yet still.

"Dil must still feel left out because he cant walk." Tommy stated looking to his brother siting on the ground.

"Isn't he about the same age you were when you walked for the firstest time?" Chuckie asked

"Nah he's olderer but like I said before Dil can walk when he wants to." Tommy replied.

Didi then came outside and picked up Dil.

"Come on kids it's time to come inside." Didi said to them.

The Rugrats then went inside and into the living room where their parents were.

"Chuckie, Kimi, we're going." Chaz called out to Chuckie and Kimi

"Come on you little tikes it's time to go." Betty called out to Phil and Lil

All the babies whom's name was called ran to the front of the house by the front door as Didi sat Dil down behind the couch.Tommy followed after his friends as Dil watched. He wanted to play with Tommy and the others but he knew he couldn't since he couldn't walk.

"Tommy," Dil cooed as he grabbd onto the couch and stood up.

Dil stumbled the first few steps but then got used to it and started to walk towards Tommy and the others.

Dil's First Steps.png

"Tommy," Dil cooed again as Tommy turned around to see his brother walking towards him.

"Stu look Dil's walking!" Didi gasped as all the Grownups turn to see Dil walking towards Tommy. All of the babies cheered and laughed for Dil as he finally got up to Tommy. Didi then came over and picked up Dil.

"I guess my little baby is growing up." Didi said.

Dil just laughed and giggled as the other babies did the same


  • This story would count as the pilot epsiode for the series
  • Dil is 8 months when he starts walking which Is possibly the same age Tommy was in the flashback when he started walking