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Alan Green
Also Known As Al (by Ebony)
Dad/Daddy (by Savannah)
Gender Male
Age 30
Race Human
Occupation IT Technician
Interests Taking care of his children
Spending time with hid wife
Relatives Ebony Green (Wife)
Savannah Green (oldest daughter)
Samayah Green (youngest daughter)
Friends Didi
First Appearance Green Pickles
Series Babysmurfrocks Series

Alan Green a 30 year old father who moved to the Rugrats neighborhood with his Wife, Ebony, and oldest daughter, Savanna in Green Pickles.


Alan is an African America man who's in his early 30s. He has brunette hair and beard and is normal seen wearing a green t-shirt and aqua green pants with a brown belt. He's first seen in Green Pickles, putting away furniture and utensils in his new home. He quickly befriends the parents and even invites them over along with their children to Savannah's first birthday at the time.

In "The Return of the Box" he is seen feeding Savannah oatmeal for breakfast when Ebony returns with the box they need to go through Savannah's old toys and clean them, After the reveal that Ebony was pregnant, he and Ebony both skip out on the trip to the beach in "Dil's Loud Love" deciding to stay back with his wife just in case she went into labor. He drops Savannah off the morning of the trip, not wanting her to miss out on the fun with her friends. The day after the trip, he drops Savannah off early the next morning at the Pickles' residence when Ebony goes into labor before rushing off to take Ebony to the hospital.