Charlotte C. Pickles

Charlotte Pickles

Charlotte Pickles
CEO of MegaCorp
Talking on her cell phone, working
Drew (husband), Angelica (daughter), Didi (sister-in-law), Stu (brother-in-law), Lou (father-in-law),Trixie (deceased mother-in-law), Tommy & Dil (nephews)
Stu, Didi, Drew, Jonathan, Angelica
First Appearance
Babysmurfrocks Series

Charlotte Christy Adelaide Jasmine McSell-Pickles (Born October 14th, 1957) is Angelica's powerhouse workaholic mother and the wife of Drew Pickles, the older brother of Stu Pickles. Charlotte can be loud, abrasive, and a bit rude. She is easily distracted by work, but tries to be a stern mother. She loves her daughter and wants her to be a strong, independent and beautiful woman like her. She is almost always seen talking on her cell phone to her assistant, or some business client. Angelica deeply loves and respects her mother, wanting to be just like her.


Charlotte must had been a strict mother to Angelica, because she is always right with everything. Even her assistant, Jonathan. 


Aside from being Drew's wife and Angelica's mom, Charlotte's also the CEO of a major corporation called Mega Corp, and is actually overworked. Even though Charlotte usually doesn't have much time for Angelica and usually spends most of her time on the phone or working, she really does love Angelica. 


Charlotte has peach skin and a pair of white eyes with black pupils. She has purple eyeshadow, blonde hair in a ponytail and wears a blue business suit with matching high-heels. In "All Grown Up!", Charlotte has gotten some obvious plastic surgery pulling her face into a permanent smile. The plastic surgey does little in making her look younger, and in fact, does the opposite.