Didi Pickles

Didi Pickles

Didi Pickles
Taking care of her sons, teaching, Dr. Lipschitz
Stu Pickles (Husband)
Tommy Pickles (Son)
Dil Pickles (Son)
Boris Kropotkin(Father)
Minka Kropotkin (Mother)
Drew Pickles (Brother-in-law)
Charlotte Pickles (Sister-in-law)
Angelica Pickles (Niece)
Lou Pickles (Father-in-law)
Trixie Pickles (Mother-in-law; deceased)
Lulu Pickles (Stepmother-in-law)
Dr. Lipschitz
Melinda Finster (deceased)
First Appearance
A Step At A Time
Babysmurfrocks Series

Diane "Didi" Kropotkin-Pickles is the beautiful mother of Tommy and Dil, also the wife of Stu. She is a part-time school teacher.


Didi is in a use of Lipschitz, which she reads the Lipschitz books to follows words by one by one by heart. When Tommy and Dil misbehaves, she follows the Lipschitz words by heart.


Didi is usually seen wearing a gorgeous long-sleeved, calf-length red dress, red anklet socks, reddish-black pumps, orange bracelets and a yellow-orange pearl necklace. Her most prevalent features are her wavy red hair and green round-frame eyeglasses. Didi can't see very well without her glasses. She is a teacher of Home Economics, but she is mainly shown being a mother and housewife. Whenever her sons misbehave, she consults with various media published by her favorite child psychologist Dr. Lipschitz. She follows Lipschitz's words by heart. Didi loves both her sons with all her heart. Didi and her husband, Stu (Didi especially), pay considerably more attention to their niece, Angelica Pickles, than the other adults, including Angelica's own parents, Drew and Charlotte (Drew is Stu's older brother). Also, Didi and her husband discipline their niece more often than her own parents do (so basically, Didi and Stu are more like parents to her than Drew and Charlotte are).Didi comes from a Jewish family, but she and Stu, who's a Christian, follow both Judaism and Christianity with their sons and celebrate both Jewish and Christian holidays. It's revealed in Mother's Day that Tommy's first memory of his mother was when he was just born (indicated to be about a day after his birth). He remembers being put in a "fish tank" and remembers seeing his mother for the first time. Saying she was the only one who noticed him and that she held his hand, saying "As long as I was there, she never let go". This said, it can be assumed that Tommy was probably born premature. Also, judging by Didi and Stu's reactions when they first found out that she was pregnant with Dil, it's also quite possible that the two had trouble conceiving, which may be, in part, why they hold their children with such love and cherishing. Didi admits to Betty in Tommy's First Birthday that she wants to be like the moms on TV, making her children happy. Like Stu, she usually expects things to go her way. Didi tends to be the practical and mature one of the family and the main disciplinary one


Didi has peach skin and a pair of small black eyes. She is often shown wearing a long-sleeved red dress and round green eyeglasses. The character has wavy red hair and a pearl necklace