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Ebony Green
Also Known As Eb (by Alan)
Mom/Mommy (by Savannah)
Gender Female
Age 29
Race Human
Occupation School Cafeteria Worker
Interests Taking care of her children
Spending time with her husband
Relatives Alan Green (husband)
Savannah Green (oldest daughter)
Samayah Green (youngest daughter)
Friends Didi
First Appearance Green Pickles
Series Babysmurfrocks Series

 Ebony Green is a 29 year old mother who moved to the Rugrats neighborhood with her husband, Alan, and oldest daughter, Savanna in Green Pickles.


Ebony is an African American  woman who's in her late 20's. She has black hair, covered with a red headband, and wears yellow triangle-shaped earrings. She's usually seen wearing various colored sweaters, but mostly seen wearing an orange colored sweater along with baby blue jeans, white socks, and light blue tennis shoes. She's the first of the Green's Family to meet Didi, Betty, and the babies when they first move into the neighborhood. She quickly befriends the parents and even invites them over along with their children to Savannah's first birthday at the time.

Later in "The Return of the Box" episode, after getting boxes from Kira and Chas to use to sort through Savannah's old baby toys, it was revealed by Ebony that she was currently pregnant with another baby girl, Samayah. By "Dil's Loud Love" her due date is approaching as she and Alan stay home from the beach trip, not wanting to go out in the hot sun. The day after the trip she goes into labor as Alan drops Savannah off at the Pickels' place early that next morning before transporting her to the hospital. That evening, she introduces Savannah to her newborn baby sister after hours of labor.