Kimi Finster

Kimi Finster

Kimi Finster
Exploring, going on adventures, playing with her friends and her brother Chuckie and spending time with her mother, Kira, and her father, Chaz.
Kira Finster (Mother)
Chaz Finster (Father)
Chuckie Finster (Brother)
Shirley Finster (Grandmother)
Marvin Finster (Grandfather)
Hiro Watanabe (Biological Father)
Tommy Pickles
Chuckie Finster
Phil DeVille
Lil DeVille
Susie Carmichael
Dil Pickles
Angelica Pickles (sometimes).
First Appearance
Tommy's Biggest Fear
Black Screen Series

Kimi Finster is a fictional character in the animated television series Rugrats and its spin-off All Grown Up!. She first appeared in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie in 2000. She is the sister of Chuckie Finster; born in a Japanese family, she was the last character to be introduced to the Rugrats character list. Her mother, Kira, married Chaz Finster (the father of Chuckie). Kimi became a regular character on the show after Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. She later appeared in the spin-off series All Grown Up!. She appeared in the last two Rugrats films.


Kimi was the last addition to the cast of Rugrats, making her first appearance in the second Rugrats movie, Rugrats In Paris: The Movie. She is depicted as being joyful and tomboyish, with black hair, tied up in three pigtails on top of her head. She wears a pink shirt, yellow dress with a purple cat on it, wearing a diaper underneath (like Lil) and purple boots.She was introduced as Chuckie's adorable and tomboyishly beautiful new sister, after her mother, Kira Finster, who married Chuckie's father, Chaz. This marriage and the changes it brought to the Finster family were used in the series to teach the young viewers, by demonstration, about adapting to such drastic changes caused by remarriage. In Rugrats, the one and a half year old Kimi was portrayed as very brave and often stumbled into dangerous situations she was too naïve to recognize, often bringing her new brother, Chuckie Finster, along, much to his dismay. He described her as "another Tommy" upon meeting her. Despite her cuteness and beauty, she is just as adventurous as Tommy and cares for her friends. On the other hand, unlike Tommy, she often takes action first and thinks later. She laughs in the eye of danger and is always looking for an adventure.

Kimi Finster 2

Kimi Finster as she appears in All Grown Up!

Kimi's appearanceEdit

Kimi has half purple/half black hair with is tied into 3 pigtails. She wears a yellow dress with a blue cat on it in the movie, although throughout the series she has a pink shirt inside. She has purple cowgirl boots and has a diaper underneath just like Lil.