Kira Finster

Kira Finster

Kira Finster
Co-owner of the Java Lava Coffee House
Playing with her son, Chuckie and daughter, Kimi and spending time with her husband,Chaz.
Chaz Finster (Husband)
Kimi Finster (Daughter)
Chuckie Finster (Son)
Marvin & Shirley Finster (In-laws)
First Appearance
Revenge Of Angelica
Black Screen Series

Kira Finster is Chaz Finster's wife. She's Kimi's mother and Chuckie's step-mother. The character was introduced in the second Rugrats film, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, along with Kimi and Fifi. Kira and Kimi used to live in Paris. Kira met and fell in love with both Chuckie's father, Chaz, and Chuckie as well when the Rugrats were visiting EurorReptarland, and now her and Chaz are married. Not only is Kira Chuckie's new mother, she's also the co-owner of a coffee shop known as the Java Lava Coffee House with Chaz. Kira's very nice and knows a lot about babies, which is a good thing, since there are always so many of them around.


Kira is Kimi's mother. She became Chaz's second wife, and most importantly, Chuckie's new mother in Rugrats In Paris: The Movie, the series' 2nd film. She is a very motherly and beautiful woman which Chaz quickly noticed.She worked as Coco LaBouche's secretary at the Euroreptarland park, but apparently became unemployed after marrying Chaz, and moving to America. Her first American job - as revealed in The Fun Way Day - was as co-owner of the Java Lava Coffee House, with Chaz co-owning as well. They buy the coffee shop in a previous episode, Sweet Dreams. In Finsterella, Kira legally adopts Chuckie as her son while Chaz legally adopts Kimi as his daughter. Kira and Chaz celebrate their first Easter together in Bow Wow Wedding Vows. Kira and Chaz celebrate their first Christmas together in Babies In Toyland. Kira and Chaz celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary in the All Grown Up! episode Petition This! which Kimi and Chuckie throw a party for them.

Kira Finster 2

Kira with Chaz in Rugrats In Paris ending.


Kira has peach colored skin and a pair of white eyes with black pupils and blue eyeshadow. She has black hair in an asymmetrical hair cut. She is usually shown wearing a long yellow dress, purple glasses, brown shoes and a white, cuffed, long-sleeved polo shirt.