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Tommy, Dil, and Savannah went ahead to catch up with the group as they found them outside in the front yard this time as they were all next to a couple dandelions that were growing in the yard.

"This is the front yard, uhm sometimes our mommies and daddies let us play out here toos. But never goes into the street we're not apposed to go there without a growed up or else a big scary car might hurts you." Chuckie began explain to Samayah, recalling what happened a while back to Tommy, letting out a shudder before continuing. "But in the nice safe grass you can pick flowers and dampylions."

Chuckie picked a couple of the dandelions that were in the grass as he showed them to Samayah. Samayah giggled as she took one of the dandelions from Chuckie's hand as she shook it until all that was left was the stem.

"Oh well since you gotted all the fuzzies off then you can makes a wish." Chuckie said as Samayah tossed the stem down back into the grass

With the fuzz now floating around in the air, Chuckie let out a sneeze before sniffling and rubbing his nose on the sleeve of his sweatshirt.

"And if you're like Chuckie and lergic to flowers and stuffs you'll sneeze a whole lots." Tommy said, patting his friend on the shoulder as he sneezed a couple more times

Samayah giggled and began letting out fake sneezes to mimic Chuckie.

"Nee Nee!" Samayah giggled, clapping her hands

Meanwhile over next door at the Carmichael's home, it hadn't been too long that Angelica, Susie, and Harold arrived home from preschool and were having their afternoon playdate at Susie's home. As all of them currently played in the front yard, Harold was pretending to be a deer, finding two branches to make antlers.

"Susie look! I'm a deer." Harold exclaimed as Susie giggled

Angelica rolled her eyes watching the two play as she sighed in boredom.

"Look at 'em Cynthia, wasting their preschool days pretending to be animals." Angelica said, holding up the doll in her hands

Of course hearing the sounds of Chuckie's sneezing perked up Angelica's interest. Getting up from her spot in the grass she went over to the bushes, pushing them to the side to observe what was on the other side. Meanwhile, Chuckie sniffled as he wiped his nose again.

"Okay I'm done showing stuffs, lets go back afore I sneeze more." Chuckie sniffled as he let Savannah take the blanket again

Taking the opportunity to entertain herself, Angelica made her way over to the babies.

"What are you dumb babies doing this time?" Angelica asked

"Oh uh hi Angelica. We're just showing Savannah's sister all about stuffs and we're gonna teach her how to be a good baby." Tommy explained to his cousin

"Pffff, you can't teach a dumb poopy baby anything." Angelica scoffed, laughing at the idea

"That's not true, we're teaching her lots of stuff!" Savannah frowned

"Oh please, the only thing that baby can do is cry and steal all the toys and tentions from the growed up, just like drooly over here." Angelica said, jabbing her finger in Dil's direction

"Hey! I don't drool anymore Yucky...well not a lot." Dil retorted

"I thought I told you to stop calling me that?" Angelica growled

"Yucky!" Samayah squealed, giggling again

"Oh great, now you got her calling me that." Angelica facepalmed

"See, she can learn stuffs." Savannah responded

"Maybe, but that doesn't make her any less of a dumb drooly baby. Even Tommy was like Dil when he was a baby baby." Angelica replied

"What? Even my brother?" Dil questioned

"Yup! I only turneded two a while afore Aunt Didi and Uncle Stu broughted Tommy home for the firstest time." Angelica began {Flashback; Normal POV}

A two year old Angelica toddled into the kitchen, seeking to sneak another cookie for breakfast only to stop when she saw her parents and aunt and uncle in the kitchen holding what was, to her knowledge, her new baby cousin. Angelica just frowned, she was supposed to be the one that got all the attention and toys! Yet her parents were gushing over this new baby. Trudging over to the table she tugged on her father's pants leg.

"Up up!" Angelica commanded, holding up her arms

"Oh there's my princess, do you want to meet your new baby cousin?" Drew chuckled, picking up Angelica placing her at the same level view with the table where Didi was holding a small baby in her arms.

"Angelica, honey, this is your new baby cousin Tommy. Tommy, this is Angelica." Didi introduced the two, allowing Angelica to be face to face with her new cousin

"Gelica!" Tommy babbled out with a giggle

Well he was kind of cute, but not cuter than her is what Angelica was thinking. Tommy wiggled in his mom's arms as he reached out his arm to grab Angelica's hand.

"Hehe he seems to like you." Drew chuckled

At the same time Tommy put Angelica's hand into his mouth as he began gumming on her hand. Quickly retracting her hand, she scoffed in disgust.

"Ew! Yucky!" Angelica exclaimed, looking at her now drool covered hand

"Yucky yucky!" Tommy clapped his hands

Wiping the drool off of her hand and onto her dress, she pushed her way back to the floor no longer wanting to interact with the newborn. She then turned her attention back to wanting cookies but there was no way she could get to them while everyone was in the room. Thinking to herself for a moment Angelica then had a plan. If she could get Tommy to cry then the grown ups would put all their focus on him and she could grab the cookie jar. Now all she had to do was to get Tommy to cry, that shouldn't be hard, she's done it many times taking other kids cookies.

Her perfect opportunity came once Didi gave Tommy a bottle for him to eat. Sneaking closer to her aunt sitting at the table she looked up at Tommy who was sucking on his bottle. Seeing Angelica underneath the table he giggled again.

"Gelica!" Tommy squealed happily

Angelica acted quickly, taking the bottle from Tommy's hands hoping he would start crying. However, Tommy didn't start crying, he was thinking Angelica likely just wanted something to eat too and was willing to share.

"Why aren't you crying? Are you dumb?" Angelica questioned the newborn

Tommy just babbled and wiggled his arms in response.

"Yeah you're just a dumb baby." Angelica said, rolling her eyes as she gave the bottle back

Tommy continued to drink from the bottle like nothing had happened as Angelica pouted underneath the table. There was no way now! That was until she heard Tommy making a grunting sound as she peeked back over at the newborn. The look of slight discomfort on his face as he squirmed.

"Poopy!" Tommy screeched which only came out as babble to the adults as he soiled his diaper

"Uh oh, looks like someone needs a diaper change." Didi chuckled as she got up from the table.

Watching Didi carry Tommy off as she then watched her dad and uncle go off to the living room while her mom went back to chatting on her phone as she usually did.

"Maybe that dumb baby is useful for something." Angelica muttered as she pushed the chair to the counter and grabbed the cookie jar. {Flashback end; Normal POV}

"So yeah, Tommy was a dumb, drooly, poopy baby just like Dil and your sister." Angelica finished her story

"She's not dumb! She's just a baby and has to learn stuffs firstest." Savannah retorted, turning away from Angelica as she went back over to her sister. "Don't listen to her Mayah, you're gonna be a smart baby baby."

"Bannanah," Samayah cooed as she smiled

"Heyo Kiddos, come on, it's time for your lunch." Alan called for the kids

"Oh it's lunch time, come on you guys." Savannah said as she grabbed the blanket again dragging Samayah away from Angelica

Angelica just rolled her eyes and returned to the other two preschoolers while the rest of the group followed Savannah inside for their lunch.

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