Hi I am Babysmurfrocks and i am the founder and Admin of this wiki.


You may add your own articles as long as your not stealing anyone else's work. If you do you will be blocked from the wiki. Spam will not be tolerated. Everything must be at a PG or PG13 level, so their is no use of profanity besides the words "Damn" or "Hell"

If you create your own series and are adding characters make sure you put your series name by the character: For example --> Tommy Pickles (Babysmurfrocks series)


You can post any picture as long as it's appropiate for the wiki and so other users pictures dont get deleted make sure before you post a picture it has your series name in the title. For example: Tommy Pickles (Babysmurfrocks series) .png


Make sure you add everything into the right category and anything that everybody can use should go into an open to community category page. Dont put Categories that are for chracters ( Finster Family, Pickles Family, Sons, Babies, etc.) in episode Categories.


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The main 2  templates/ infoboxes that will be used is for characters and episode (story listings) 


Vandalism or Spam will not be tolerated on this wiki at all. If you spam or vandalize pages you will be blocked from the wiki.