Shirley is Chas' mother and Chuckie and Kimi's grandmother. She is married to Marvin Finster. She is an avid fan of cooking, usually donuts and cookies, as she is usually seen wearing an apron. It can be seen that while Marvin is considered the disciplinarian of their family, she can be seen as the mild one. As she enjoys being loving to Chaz as a child, while Marvin wanted to make sure he'd still be a tough one ready for life. While they love Chas and their grandson Chuckie, they both wish that they could have had more children.

They are ecstatic to have Kira and Kimi join their family.

Unlike most of the grandparents, it should be noted that she and her husband are the youngest, being in their mid fifties (as the series takes place in the 1990s), thus, retaining her natural hair color.

She appears in 3 episodes.

Shirley Finster
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