Season 1 Episode 3
Tommy's Fear title card
Tommy's Fear (Babysmurfrocks Series)
Original Airdate June 25, 2014
Previous Episode Tommy V.S. The Potty
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 Tommy's Fear is the third epsiode of the very first season of Babysmurfrocks' Series after the epsiode Tommy V.S. The Potty

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Two weeks after Tommy is Potty trained Grandpa Lou decides to take Tommy with him on his fishing trip. After finally catching a fish Lou puts the fish down by Tommy. Tommy then picks up the fish and starts to play with it but then he drops the fish as it slids down the small rocks and back into the water. As Tommy goes after the fish he slips on the rocks and falls into the water.Tommy didnt know how to swim very well but he knew how to swim back to the top. As he swimmed back to the top he took and breath and whimpered louldly. Then Grandpa Lou comes and rescues Tommy and decides to cut the trip short. Lou takes Tommy back home still dripping wet. What will happen to our fearless leader now?

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