Dil then started crying, not only was it Angelica's fault for causing Tommy to end up in the hospital and get amnesia, it was his fault for telling Angelica in the first place but it was also Angelica's fault for making him tell her about Tommy's fear of water.

"What's the matter Dil?" Didi asked as she picked up Dil.

Soon Dil calmed down and finally stopped crying as Didi put him back down onto the floor.

"I would suggest taking Tommy home and show him some familiar things like Photo Albums, or any toys that he had played or used to play with, that might trigger his memory. Also I would suggest putting him in a diaper for the time being since he can't remember to control his bladder." Dr. Robinson suggested

"Thank you Dr. Robinson, come on kids it's time to go." Didi said as she picked up Dil and left the room.

Didi, after she and the kids left the room, found Stu and Taffy waiting for them

"Didi, Taffy told me what happened, is Tommy alright?" Stu asked

"Yes he just had to get stitches but I have some bad news." Didi said

"What is it? Is Tommy going to be alright?" Stu asked worriedly

"Tommy has amnesia, he can't remember anyone or anything but he did recognize Phil, Lil, Chuckie, and Angelica as Susie has told me. He also can't remember that he is potty trained so the doctor said we have to put him back in diapers for now and try to surround him with familiar things to try and trigger his memory." Didi explained

"Well then let's go, I'm sure something will trigger his memory." Stu said

{At the Pickles Residents}

The babies were in the playpen, but Tommy wasn't with them, as they sat a rolled around Tommy's favorite ball. They couldn't go on adventures anymore without Tommy around to open the playpen.

"We has to do something to gets Tommy's memory back so we can go on adventures again." Kimi said

"Didn't the doctor say that we have to show him things that he is famil-familli- knows about already." Lil said trying to say the word correctly but couldn't.

"Yeah, we can tells Tommy about some of the Adventures we went ons," Phil said

"I think the doctor said that toys could works toos." Lil said

"That can be Chuckie's job, he can find some kind of toy that might help Tommy remembers." Kimi said

"Why do I always gots to do the hard stuff?" Chuckie asked

"Don't you wants Tommy to be back to normen Chuckie?" Phil asked

"Of course I do, and I'll do it for Tommy, I gots to be brave." Chuckie said

"Alright Chuckie, and I will finds the book that Tommy's mommy has of all the pictures of our Adventures with the Strawberry's, and when you guys came to Paris and stuff." Kimi said

"What can I dos?" Dil asked

"Do you know wheres Tommy keeps one of his extra stewdrivers?" Kimi asked

"Yeah, there's one at the bottom of the toy box over theres." Dil said pointing to the toy box in the playpen

"Then you cans open the playpen and help Phil and Lil find Tommy." Kimi said

"Ok," Dil said

Meanwhile, while the babies were planning to get Tommy's memory back, Didi had Tommy with her as she went next door to see Betty.

"Betty, do you still have any of those diapers that you had the twins wear around the time of the fall parade?" Didi asked

"Yeah, Howie found a few boxes hidden in the twins room the other day while he was cleaning their room. Why do you need them?" Betty asked

"Well, Tommy had passed out at the pool earlier today and hit his head on the concrete, and while he doesn't have any brain damage he has amnesia and can't remember anyone or anything and he is refusing to use the potty." Didi explained as Betty handed her a box of the puffy diapers.

"Well Didi, I hope you can find a way to get the little tikes memory back." Betty said

"Thanks Betty, see you later." Didi said as she walked out of the front door

{Meanwhile in the Pickles Residents}

The babies had gotten out of the playpen and currently were doing their planned jobs. Dil, Phil, and Lil didn't know that Didi had taken Tommy with her. Soon all the other babies had found what they were looking for. Kimi found the photo album with all the pictures from when they traveled to different places, and Chuckie, even though he was still afraid of it, found Tommy's old Boppo the clown toy in the closet. When they were all back in the playpen, the only thing missing was Tommy. The twins and Dil had looked all over the house but they couldn't find Tommy.

Just then Didi had walked in the front door and had taken Tommy upstairs, but the babies didn't know this. Didi had walked upstairs and into Tommy and Dil's room as he put To,my on the changing table. Didi then put a puffy diaper on Tommy before putting his clothes back on and picked him up.

"There, you can wear these for now sweetie and hopefully we can find some way to make you remember everything so you can go back to the potty." Didi said as Tommy pulled on her hair like Dil use to do.

Didi then brought Tommy down stairs along with the pillow that Dil used to use to keep himself upright since Tommy wouldn't do it on his own anymore. She then came up to the playpen and sat Tommy in the playpen before she headed into the kitchen.

"Well we founded him," Kimi said

"Hey look Tommy's wearing one of those puffy diapes like we did at that parade, but they don't looks as puffy as they used to." Phil said

"Maybe because we got biggerer and they fit us better so they are not as puffy." Lil said

"Come on guys you gots to tell Tommy about the adventures." Kimi said

"Oh yeah, I forgoted." Phil said as the went up to Tommy and began to tell him about some of the adventures they had.

(Tommy's POV)

Phillip, and Lilip started telling me stuffs about how I wents into the nextest yard just to gets my favoritest ball back. Then they told me a bouts the Reptar wagon, what ever thats was, and how we tried to go see the lizard so we and my little brother, the baby in the diapey and purple shirt is what my mommy tolds me was my brother, could goes home. Then the girl in the yellow dressy showed me pictures of us all as Chubbie showed me a toy clown that you hited.

(Normal POV)

After telling Tommy about the Adventures of getting his ball and when Dil was first born and they got the Reptar wagon, Kimi showed him the photos of when they were on the cruise with the Strawberry's (Thornberry's). Chuckie then showed Tommy Boppo the clown and how it worked.

"Now do you remembers Tommy?" Chuckie asked

Tommy thought and thought as he tried to remember, soon he thought of something but they weren't good memories. Tommy thought about the time his parents tried to wean him from the bottle and took it away from him, then about Mr. Friend, his first cut, and even when he fell into the lake the other day. As Tommy finished remembering the thoughts he then started crying.

"I think it's somebody's nap time." Didi said as she came in and picked up Tommy as he continued crying.

"I guess it didn't works," Kimi said

"Now what are we going to do?" Phil asked

"I want my brother to be back to normen." Dil said

"Me too, I wish Tommy was back to normen." Chuckie agreed

Later that evening Dil wasn't getting any sleep since Tommy was crying every hour or so. Didi decided to let Dil sleep in Tommy's bed while Tommy slept in Dil's crib since they didn't want Tommy to hurt himself. Dil didn't mind, at least he got to sleep in a bed like a big baby like Tommy was. The only thing Dil wished was that Tommy would go back to normal so he could actually sleep at night.

Life became pretty much harder at the Pickles home, Tommy was crying constantly at night not letting anyone sleep, Tommy refused to take a bath because it scared him since he thought he was going to go down the drain. Finally they all gave up on trying to get Tommy's memory back since they were so tired.

One evening Lou decided to take the babies to the drive in movie, the same one they went to before, so Stu and Didi could at least get some rest. It was basically the same as last time, the babies movie was on the screen behind the car and the movie Lou wanted to watch was in front of the car and they all had snacks as, just like Dil did, Tommy had a lollipop

"Well Tommy this is the drive in movies, we came here last time to see Runaway Reaptar and we saved Reptar remembers?" Chuckie asked Tommy who just giggled as his lollipop flew out of his hand and into Angelica's hair, like what happened before with Dil.

"Not again, can't you stupid babies do anything right?" Angelica asked pulling the lollipop from her hair

"It's not his fault, he is a baby, baby, yucky." Dil said

"Yucky, Yucky," Tommy said giggling as the movie started

Just then the title of the movie showed up as it read "Reptar V.S. Amnesia" which shocked the babies.

"Oh great now Reptar has amneedsia too, what else could goes wrong?" Chuckie asked

"Reptar has ammneedsia, that means he can't remembers anything." Dil said as they watched Reptar wrecking buildings and the city like a normal dinars our would do.

The movie explained about how they didn't know why. Reptar didn't remember that he had save the Tokyo before as he continued to destroy the city.

"Maybe if we can gets Reptar's memory back, then maybe he can helps Tommy gets his back." Kimi said

"Yeah right, if we can't even get Tommy's memory back, what makes you think you can get Reptar's memory back?" Angelica said

"We gots to try, or everyone will think of bad things about Reptar,and we may never gets Tommy's memory back." Dil said

"And how do you except to get to Pokyo?" Angelica asked

"With the secret Reptar car Tommy told me about." Dil said as he walked over and pressed the button to reveal the Reptar car that Tommy used before.

"Reptar, beep, beep." Tommy said happily

"Come on guys lets get Tommy in the Reptar car so we can leaves." Dil said as they all helped put Tommy in the Reptar car in a Reptar car seat as everyone else climbed in.

"I'm guessing you don't wants to come yucky." Dil said

"Yeah, because I can gets some peach and quite." Angelica said

"I understand if you wants to stay here to Chuckie." Dil said

"Nope, I'm going with ya's, so we can help Reptar and maybe even help Tommy." Chuckie said as he climbed in the Reptar car as well.

"Do you knows how to drives Dil?" Kimi asked

"I watched Tommy dos it the firstest time so I knows what to do." Dil said as he turned on the engines to the Reptar car as they all left for Tokyo.

Soon they arrived in Tokyo as they began driving around on the street.

"Okay guys, we gots to find Reptar." Dil said

Just then Dactar, from the Runaway Reptar movie, showed up and tried to stop the babies like in the last movie.

"Oh no, Dactar is back and with Reptar having amneedsia they'll destory everything." Phil said

"So if Dactar is around heres, so is Reptar." Dil said

"Are you okay Chuckie?" Kimi asked Chuckie who was hiding under the blanket like last time

"Peek-a-boo Chubbie," Tommy said as he pulled on the blanket

"I'm fine, I gots to be brave," Chuckie said to Kimi and then to himself

"There he is," Dil said as they saw Reptar as he destroyed some buildings while Dil stopped the engines to the Reptar car and they stopped.

"He destroyed all those buildings, we have to helps him gets his memory back so he won't wrecks anymore buildings." Kimi said

"Yeah, Kimi, Phil, Lil, come with me so we can see if there's anything we can do to help Reptar, Chuckie you stay here and watch Tommy." Dil said as he got out of the car

"I had a feeling you were going to says that." Chuckie said as he moved to the front seat of the car.

"Come on guys we have to gets closer to Reptar so we can finds a way to helps him." Dil said

"You'll never be able to gets Reptar's memory back, the only way to gets his memory back is to submerage him in water." Angelica said laughing as she walked up to the babies

"I should have known you had something to do with this Yucky." Dil said

"Yep, and I got the idea from that evil cyintist (scientist) guy

The evil scientist in the movie then explained that the only way to cure him was to submerge him in water.

"Reptar, Reptar, Reptar," Tommy said over and over

"What is it Tommy?" Chuckie asked

(Tommy's POV)

"Reptar, Reptar, Reptar," I continued to say as I started to remember something

As I kept saying Reptar I remember me, Chubbie, Philip, and Lilip at the movies as we was looking for Reptar, then I remembered when we saws Reptar on Ice. I also remembered when we first cames to the parking lot movie and saved Reptar from Yucky. Finally I remembered our adventure with the Reptar wagon that Philip and Lilip tolds me along with when we used the giant Reptar robot in Paris as we went to the church to stop Chubbie's daddy from marrying that coco lady.

I then remember the other kids names, Susie, Kimi, and Dil. Kimi is Chubbie's, wait it's not Chubbie it's Chuckie and the twins are Phil and Lil and Yucky's name is Angelica. Dil is my little brother and Susie is our friend. I also remembers that I am two and I'm potty trained and I am ascared of the water.

"C-Chuckie," I said to Chuckie

"Tommy, you said my name right." Chuckie said to me

"Of course I did, I'm your bestest friend." I said to Chuckie

(Normal POV)

Tommy remember everyone and everything now as he looked to Chuckie.

"C-Chuckie," Tommy said to Chuckie which shocked him

"Tommy, you said my name right," Chuckie said surprised

"Of course I did, I'm your bestest friend." Tommy said to Chuckie

"You are back to normen Tommy," Chuckie said hugging Tommy

"Um...Chuckie," Tommy started curiously

"Yeah Tommy," Chuckie answered

"I have a question. Why am I wearing a diapey?" Tommy asked

"We will asplain later, right now we have to get Reptar's memory back." Chuckie said as the others came back

"Chuckie, we have to get to the ocean, the only way to cure Reptar is to submerage him in the water." Dil said as they all ran up to the Reptar car

"Guys, Tommy's back to normen , kind of, he remembers us." Chuckie said

"Tommy, are you really back to normen?" Dil asked

"I'm not sure what happened but yeah," Tommy answered

"We got's to help Reptar, he's losted his memory by getting amneesdsia and he can't remembers that he is good." Kimi said

"Yeah and the onlyest way to cure him is to submerage him in water." Lil said

Tommy hesitated for a minute after hearing about submerging Reptar in water but then made up his mind,even if he was scared of the water, he was going to help Reptar.

"Well then, what are we waiting fors let's go help Reptar. Phil, Lil, and Chuckie you take the Reptar Car to the ocean, push the scrubmarine button, and wait for us in the water. Kimi and Dil find some dinosaur treats and bring them to me, then go wait with the others." Tommy ordered the babies

"What are you going to do Tommy?" Chuckie asked

"Once Dil and Kimi gives me the dinosaur treats I'll leads Reptar into the water." Tommy said as he went to the Reptar car and pulled out a life jacket before putting it on.

"Are you sure Tommy?" Dil asked

"Of course I am Dilly, I haves to help Reptar." Tommy said

The babies then followed Tommy's orders as Kimi and Dil went to find some dinosaur treats and Phil, Lil, and Chuckie took the Reptar car to the ocean. Soon Dil and Kimi found the dinosaur treats and gave them to Tommy.

"Great job guys, now goes with the others while I leads Reptar to the water." Tommy said

"Ok, good luck Tommy," Kimi said as she and Dil went to the Reptar car, which was now a submarine and was sitting in the water, as the ran and climbed inside.

Tommy then found Reptar and went up to him holding the dinosaur treats.

"Hey Reptar, I have some nummies for you!" Tommy shouted to Reptar as Reptar stopped and looked down to Tommy as he smelled the dinosaur treats

Tommy then ran towards the ocean as Reptar followed him, and soon Tommy made it to the water but stopped right in front of the water. Tommy then looked at the water remembering what happened a few days ago.

"Tommy look out!" Dil shouted to Tommy

Tommy then snapped out of it as he saw Reptar behind him, as Tommy saw Reptar come closer as he took a step back until he was right next to the water. He couldn't move anymore or he would fall into the water but Tommy knew if he didn't do something he thought Reptar would eat him.

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