Soon Tommy’s mom finished her chores and took the kids to the park. When they got to the park, much to the Rugrats horror, the McNulty boys were there too.

(Tommy’s POV)

When we got to the park we saw all the kids playing but then we saw the McNulty boys. For some reason they don’t like us so we tried to stay away from them. We went to a sandbox that was not anywhere near the McNulty’s but Timmy McNulty came up to us with his younger brother Teddy.

“Hey Pickles, word around the playground said that you had turned 2 years old.” Timmy said to me.

“Yeah,” I said in reply now feeling like I have to go potty.

“Well Teddy here is almost 2 also but he is already potty trained. Are you potty trained yet Pickles?” Timmy said to me.

“Well…I…Uh,” I stuttered now having to really go potty now.

(Out of POV)

Tommy really had to go potty now and he knew he couldn’t make it to his mom. Tommy had whispered to Chuckie to go get his mom.

“Well are you or are you not Pickles?” Timmy asked.

Just as Tommy was about to answer he couldn’t wait any longer and he went to the bathroom right in the sandbox. Timmy and Teddy saw this and Timmy started laughing.

“Well that answers my question. Pickles isn’t potty trained at all, wait until I tell the others.” Timmy continued to laugh.

Tommy couldn’t do anything but sit there bewildered but then he began to cry and this made Dil mad.

“Leave my brother alone Timmy! You went through the same thing too you know!” Dil said to Timmy angrily.

“Fine I will leave him alone.” Timmy said as he and his brother walked away.

Tommy’s mom came and picked up Tommy, she then took him to the bathroom and changed him out of his wet clothes into some dry ones.

“There you go sweetie.” Didi said as she put Tommy down onto the ground.

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